Skyrocket - ALIBRA's Online English Course
For $20 Per Year
Skyrocket is the exclusive teaching course program of ALIBRA SCHOOL - a network of foreign language schools with a long history.
It was at ALIBRA SCHOOL in 2012 that this unique teaching methodology was created and introduced, which allows you to master English in record time. The Skyrocket course allows you to «grow» from zero to the level of Upper-Intermediate in just 8 months.

Every year, using the ALIBRA SCHOOL methodology and the Skyrocket training programs, tens of thousands of people master the language of international communication not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. Skyrocket is adapted for the Russian-speaking audience of the CIS countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan; as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Student feedback confirms the effectiveness of the ALIBRA SCHOOL methodology: 96% of whom recommend our school to friends and acquaintances, and an additional 75% come to ALIBRA SCHOOL again to further improve their knowledge or learn a second or third language.

Despite the high quality of our work, ALIBRA SCHOOL doesn't rest and we are always striving to improve our training in accordance with our proprietary method to ensure our students have a comfortable and productive learning outcome.

ALIBRA SCHOOL has developed 4 of its own mobile applications, including one based on the Skyrocket course with the aim of being able to more effectively engage with the material. Using mobile applications, students can learn foreign vocabulary anytime, anywhere. In total there are more than 8000 words from zero to advanced level:

ALIBRA Sky – English vocabulary needed for everyday communication, based on the Skyrocket course;
ALIBRA Forward – English colloquial vocabulary;
ALIBRA Business – English business vocabulary;
ALIBRA Deutsch – German vocabulary for everyday use.

The school has created its own interactive online platform named ALIBRA ONLINE, which contains more than 1000 types of exercises and allows you to study the Skyrocket course from wherever there is an Internet connection.

ALIBRA SCHOOL students gain access to the platform and mobile apps when purchasing any of our Skyrocket courses presented on our website - this is how we make training not only effective, but also more practical.

Now ALIBRA SCHOOL gives all students the unconditional freedom to discover other languages and countries.

Our company considers its mission to give its customers the freedom to communicate on an equal footing, being in any country in the world, and to effectively achieve their goals without any obstacles in the form of a language barrier. We have such an opportunity due to the unique methodological base and the principle of work that we have not changed for 19 years: we treat students as we want them to treat us.
Choose your course
180 academic hours
Course for beginners.
Beginner A1 → Intermediate B1
Skyrocket 0
The best way to learn a foreign language from scratch
159 academic hours
Course for continuing learners.
Beginner A1 → Intermediate B1
Skyrocket 1
For those who have previously studied the language and want to improve their skills to the level of fluency
126 academics hours
Course for continuing learners.
Pre-Intermediate A2 → Intermediate B1 +
Skyrocket 2
Bring your language to a confident Intermediate level by filling in the gaps in grammar and greatly improving your speaking skills
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The unique ALIBRA SCHOOL technique
The technology that forms the basis of the ALIBRA SCHOOL methodology relates to the study of vocabulary and grammar of the English language, as well as ways to memorize and repeat material.
The unique ALIBRA SCHOOL methodology has many advantages over the classical and communicative methods.
Logic and system instead of hundreds of rules
At ALIBRA SCHOOL you don't have to cram! All grammar is given in the form of a compact and logical system. Once you understand the whole structure of the language once, you no longer have to go back to the rules.
Memorization through direct association and context
Modern technology for memorizing vocabulary through context or direct associations, bypassing the translation into Russian. So, the word is associated with a specific way and it is much easier to remember.
Memory technology
A special system of 7-fold interval repetitions is used in lessons, in homework and verification tests. Thanks to this method, you will not forget the material covered.
Interactive platform and mobile application
Classes are supplemented by a multilingual mobile application and an online learning platform that make learning not only effective, but also convenient.
4-stage selection of teachers
Only 10 out of 100 candidates become ALIBRA SCHOOL teachers and undergo internal training in our methodology.
We are breaking down the language barrier and pushing the boundaries for a better life, because our main goal is to help you achieve yours!